A.F.9 Replace some bytes

A.F.9 Replace some bytes 1.2

"A.F.9 Replace some bytes" replaces bytes in batches of files
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Alex Fauland

"A.F.9 Replace some bytes" replaces bytes in batches of files. This program will allow you to perform changes in several files at once, replacing text, characters, decimal or hexadecimal values. As the program does not need to load an entire file into the memory, you can edit very large files with no memory compromise. You can replace just one value, or several values, no matter whether they are of the ASCII, decimal or hexadecimal type.

A.F.9 Replace some bytes will ask you to put the files for it to process on the list. You will then be able to specify the values to look for and the values that should replace them. After you press the "Replace" button, the program will perform the replacements. At the end of the job, it will show you a list with the count of changes performed in each one of the selected files. Through the "Options" menu you can specify even more conditions to search and replace information in your files, allowing the program to search in subfolders, including or excluding files according to different criteria, and so on.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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